Stronger than ever in 2021

Dear Bachata family,

Event though we finally start to have some positive glimpses about the current situation, this global crisis has affected us all, not only dancers, but as fathers, mothers, friends, workers and…businesses. As of today many of our partners and ourselves are dealing with a huge amount of uncertainty and struggle.
An event is more than just dancers and djs… It involves travel agencies, hotels, catering, stage companies, sound, lighting, security, and way more companies that have taken a major hit. The security measures are also changing by the week without any possibility to anticipate how to apply them in the future, or how it will affect the normal activity of the event.

As of today, our Venue cannot guarantee the availability of the space, travel companies don’t guarantee travel options or safety for our international Artists and Guests, and for our international attendants borders remain at least partially closed or quarantined, just as a few examples.
With all this factors being outside of our control, and more important with great sadness in our hearts, we feel the most responsible decision is to POSTPONE the 2020 edition of VIENNA BACHATA CONGRESS to the 24-26 of September 2021.

The spirit of our festival is to be a beacon of happiness, connection, integration, positivity and bachata in Europe, framed by one of the most romantic cities of the world; and we look forward to continue to do so, without any limitations and with all our heart.
See you in 2021!




Now it´s the time to stick together and have understanding for each other. 
You can of course cancel your pass and opt for ticket refund.
For this instance just send us an email to:,
please attached your ticket purchased and your personal information.

Please know that this procedure may take longer time than usual, and we appreciate your understanding.
Customers can apply for a refund until 15 th August, after this date all passes by default will be automatically transferred to the next year dates.

We would be honored to have you also next year as our guests but of course, we understand that might not be the best option for you.
If you decided to support us, we feel extremely thankful for your contribution no only to VBC, but the dance scene in general.
The date of our event for the next year is: 
24-26 of September 2021.

Thank you for your support and contribution to Bachata! Thanks to you will continue to spread or love for dancing and strive to promote our passion.
Wish you to stay safe and we are very much looking forward to seeing you next year in Vienna!
Much LOVE,
Your VBC team!